Women In Portraits {Samantha!}

Here's to this warrior mama for making things happen!!!  Samantha and her son joined us in our studios for our Women In Portraits mini session event.  This was a celebration of a new  and healthier lifestyle for Samantha.  Samantha has always had inner strength, but

Women In Portraits: {Introducing Cindy}

Cindy! Can you just take in for a second how beautiful this woman is?  This breast cancer survivor celebrated life with us and we are ever so thankful she did!  We love her elegance, her grace and her easy laughter.  This was such an awesome

Women In Portraits: {Joelle}

When you choose the healthy lifestyle, it chooses you back.  This girl has worked hard, embraced life and even with a busy job and everything else life can throw at a person, Joelle has chosen to be fit and love herself and the body she

Women In Portraits {Mary!}

That's right. 60 years old and KILLING it. Mary has trained hard and has completely turned her lifestyle around.  She is hardcore and a great example of making healthy look strong and beautiful.  Mary boxes, runs, eats well and has made sure her smile is