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We want to give you the best photograph you have ever had of yourself

Senior Portraits: Portraits you can be proud of

Amber and Shelly provide a unique senior portrait experience. We walk you right through the entire process. We promise to make you laugh and help you feel really comfortable in front of our cameras.

Be expressive

Be Yourself

Your senior or teen portrait experience starts by filling out our form here.  We will help you plan your session from your outfits to your hair and make up.  We will also guide you through your favorite poses without making you feel awkward. We make awkward disappear!

Our sessions offer light editing to take care of any stress acne.  Your luxury stylized portrait session begins at $159!  After our session we provide the ultimate post-session experience where you can come to our studio and let us show you the best images you have ever seen of yourself on our reveal wall. Bring tissues and a plan to hang this moment on your walls!

I would recommend Amber to anyone looking for any type of photo session from casual backyard sessions to a formal wedding photographer. She made me feel at home in her own home and even did my hair herself! She made my first photo session experience unforgettable.- Meghan

I was always more than comfortable. These are two outstanding women that I aspire to grow up to be like. They helped me love a smile I hated for years and feel comfortable in a body that I have always been ashamed of. They always let me be me as weird as I wanted (as weird as that was sometimes) and even joined in on my weirdness.

Through the AJP Teens modeling and all other programs through Amber and Shelley, I have built confidence, made friendships, and gotten amazing pictures! They work to produce nothing but the best for their clients, and created a loving bond with me, that I hope to never lose. They made me feel beautiful, they made me feel loved, and best of all they got 4 years of my life on camera. I would not only recommend them to you, I strongly push you to get a photography session done with this program. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. – Allie

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E-Session Featuring: Dan and Shelley {A Cooperstown, NY Session}

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It's so easy to laugh with you. So let us keep laughing until we are old and have spent a lifetime making each other happy.    This amazing couple is getting married this fall and

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Sneak Peek: Ashley and Codie {A Hudson Valley Wedding}

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For if the winds of change sweep against us; it will only sweep me deeper into your arms. I'll stand strong in the storms and melt with you in the sunshine Congratulations to Ashley And

Are You The Parent of a High School Senior?

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Are you the parent of a high school senior?  Are you wondering if senior portraits are even worth it?  How do you find a photographer that will be amazing?  We have all of that in

The Comeback: Featuring Ashton {#wearemore}

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"It started when I was 8 and my brother was born at 28 weeks with a condition called Fetal Hydrops," Ashton, a Bethlehem High School sophomore said as he sat down in our chairs to

Celebrating Althea! {Child Portraits, New York}

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Because there is nothing more precious than looking into her eyes and loving her with every breath, every heart beat, every muscle and knowing that she is the very reason you exist. Happy one year