We are getting rid of inventory and this works out well for you!  Our tanks are on sale and ready to go (limited quantities)





$12.50 (does not include tax and shipping)


description: Racer back tanks, solid black, soft, dictionary wording

strong adj – Powerfully made, hard to capture

wonderlust v. To be in a constant state of wonder

fierce adj.  heartfelt passion and intesity

Inspire v. fill (someone) with the ability to feel something

fearless adj. to deny fear; embrace courage

boss v. slay all day

Order them for your fitness clients, gym members, salon team, friends, employees, family!  Once they are gone they are gone.

Thank you!

To order please text: size and word you want to 518-657-9218 – we will verify if it is in stock.

If it is, we will paypal you an invoice for your order. Once payment is received, we will ship on Fridays every week, until they are gone! Thank you! ($4 shipping)