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Models and Mothers!!! {AJP TEENS}

From the first moment you looked at her, you knew you would fight for her, love her, even die for her.   She was your little girl  You would cry over her , lose sleep because of her, feel no greater joy because of her.   She was your young lady.   You would worry over her, laugh out loud because of her, feel no greater

The Festival Of Flora: The Floral Goddess

The Romans marked the occasion over two millennia ago with the Floralia, or Festival of Flora, a five-day ceremony to honour the Roman goddess of flowers. Flora was regarded as one of the most ancient goddesses of Roman religion.  So as we beg for spring to come we made our spring this week at our Festival of Floral themed model shoot at M&D Farm located

Be Strong. Be Enchanting. Be Inspiring. Be Filled with Wonderlust

We are officially ready.  Ready for ANYTHING!  Our boutique tanks are rolling in and rolling out just as fast!  Our AJP TEENS models were in the studio to pull together one of the latest trends happening with tank tops and tutus.   The words we chose to kick off our line have already rocked the creative world and we are super excited to share them

We are dropping names:{AJP MODEL REP TEAM}

YESSSSS! You give me 12 amazing girls and I am going give you one heck of a year to watch this girls in action.  We had our introductory head shot and model shoot where our girls wore TUTUS designed by Caitlyn's Fufu's Tutus out of Poughkeepsie!  Our tank tops are our new studio brand {You will see more soon!} Designer tanks can be ordered here:

Give me a word, I’ll write you a story

Beauty is action.  You can disagree with me, but you won't want to.    These amazing girls had the opportunity to get together, laugh, pose in tutus and tank tops, eat cupcakes and spend time enjoy a model shoot with our studios.  We loved this time with them. AJP TEENS showcased designer tutus by Caitlyn's Fufu Tutus and our locally designed racer back tank tops.  We

The Duff…I came, I saw, I made it awkward

Ok, so when the movie came out called The Duff it was an immediate hit for several reason.  In case you never saw it, the story entails the tumultuous lives  of three high school girls.  Two of those girls are the notable beauty queens and the third; though loved by her friends was the "Designated Ugly Fat Friend".   She was called The Duff. I

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business

Looking back, if I had to start all over again, I probably wouldn't.   Isn't that crazy?  However ignorance can sometimes be bliss. 5 Things I Wish I knew (or maybe the post should be, "5 Things I am thankful I didn't know" Marketing trumps photography. The average facebook peruser can barely tell between a technically awesome portrait and their best friends snapshot. (Swallow pride,

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