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The Comeback {Featuring Kristena} #wearemore

 Photography/video: ajpstudios Hair, makup and sponsorship: Color Me Gorgeous Because we all have broken pieces Shattered dreams and torn hearts Together, if we share our pain We can share our healing Together, if we lift each other up Falling down won't seem so bad Don't let what has happened to you define you.  Those are easy words to write out, they are tough to

The #wearemore Campaign {The Comeback Series}

By now maybe you have heard we are telling brave stories of teenagers.  Soon we will welcome women and children to this year's line up. Would you like to apply to tell us your comeback story? Click here for the details: FOUNDERS We have people have agreed to be founders of this amazing program, helping us out gets you cool stuff from our studios too!

Fight Childhood Cancer with your Canine: {Hosted by AJP and Pet Tracks Pet Services!}

True Love = Dogs. February we are celebrating TRUE love!  Your canine companion and you could help raise money for this sweet little girl, Autumn. Autumn is living the toddler life, but living it with a dangerous tumor in her face.  She underwent a big surgery this week and her fight is ongoing. We would love to photograph you and your true love this month,

Do You Find These Traits Beautiful? {The last reason is my favorite}

We try, but we fail.  The curves of this world bend and twist to cultural trends as idolized bodies and faces become the standard by which we all compare. The beauty ideals instagram cannot convey:   A filter will not show you. "They're confident in who they are, yet humble and willing to learn. They are generous, but also know how to keep healthy boundaries.

Why hiring a “millennial” is one of the best business moves to make…

The millennial generation has certainly garnered a bad rap.  In short they have been described as lazy, technologically intoxicated, unable to communicate face to face, coffeeshop dreamers, money squanderers as well as unable to function without their parents swooping in to save them from any hardships. Yikes. That's a pretty tough description to be nipping at your generational heels. So why would you want to

Abandoned and Beautiful

I love abandoned places.  I am huge fan of the photographer, Matthew Christopher behind Abandoned America.  There are so many reason abandoned places are attractive and by his nearly 70,000 followers, I am not alone in my thoughts. These buildings have history and stories, just like we do.  Though abandoned and thought to be of no use, someone is finding beauty in the rubble. As

Featuring Abbey {Gloversville High School} Senior Portraits

Spending a morning with Abbey this fall was really enjoyable.  This vivacious student athlete made fall look good up here in our mountain top studio.  Abbey was filled with easy smiles and conversation and it was my pleasure to put a lens to this girl's awesome personality and face. Featuring some high lights from Abbey's session with us. Follow along on our instagram at @ajpteens

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