We try, but we fail.  The curves of this world bend and twist to cultural trends as idolized bodies and faces become the standard by which we all compare.

The beauty ideals instagram cannot convey:


A filter will not show you.

“They’re confident in who they are, yet humble and willing to learn. They are generous, but also know how to keep healthy boundaries. They are real about their frustrations and struggles, yet focus on the positives in order to get to higher ground.  They are ambitious, yet consider others along the way. They leave everyone they come across in a better place than when they met. They are genuine, warm and welcoming. You can tell if someone is genuinely beautiful from their smile.” – Gina


An outfit cannot polish you.

“All of my closest friends are beautiful in their own way. Of course they’re physically gorgeous, but it’s how they carry themselves, physically and mentally. The people I’m closest with don’t know how truly amazing they are, and I think that’s what makes them so special. On the outside, I see women who have aged gracefully when life hasn’t always been so graceful or kind. I think their crooked smiles are the re not practiced or polished, it’s us enjoying a moment, fully. Inside, it’s so many things. I think what connects me the most is a sense of humor, the ability to talk about literally anything, and honesty and integrity.” – Mellisa

A heart is unseen in a selfie

“A kind, peaceful heart. someone who is compassionate and places others above themselves. This is true beauty. Without it, no matter how pretty your face is, you are not beautiful.” – JoAnne

A soul exists without contouring

“A beautiful soul that does without any reason or expectations of recognition . one who sees needs and initiates with graceful silence…and moves onto the next with no trepidation.” – Deanna

Physical beauty is no where near as infectious.

“Their laughter! What moves us to laugh is such an intrinsic” – Amanda


If we could let go of comparison and embrace all these amazing attributes.  Our culture of unachievable beauty can be redefined.

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