The millennial generation has certainly garnered a bad rap.  In short they have been described as lazy, technologically intoxicated, unable to communicate face to face, coffeeshop dreamers, money squanderers as well as unable to function without their parents swooping in to save them from any hardships.


That’s a pretty tough description to be nipping at your generational heels. So why would you want to hire someone with that kind of track record?

I am in the weird group called the x-ennials. I do not know who came up with that term, but according to the Huff Post I am in  The generation born between 1977 and 1983.  We did not grow up with technology but we embraced it easily.  There are disadvantages to being a child who will never know life without advanced technology, but on the flip side you may want to embrace this culture before critiquing it.

You want to employ these crazy millennials for several reasons and here are seven.

1.Technology (obviously)

2.Buying power

3.Social Media

4.Their dreamer ambitions

5.Coffee choices (cute mugs and notepads included)


7. Minimalistic idealism


I will break that apart quickly.

1 and 3 go hand in hand.  I see several amazing businesses with wonderful service, product and owners.  I get all excited to see what they are doing so what is the first thing I do? I look them up on instagram and facebook as does EVERY SINGLE client my age or younger.  What do I usually find?  A completely inactive social media account with three pictures post from October of 2016.   It immediately signifies to me they are not offering what I thought they had going on.

It is NOT about followers, but it is about a window in your business.  The millennial generation easily adapts to changes in shapchat, instagram, twitter and even facebook.  They think nothing of posting stories, keeping up with twitter and cross posting through various channels.  They are amazing at this! Why wouldn’t a business what this?

This generation has buying power.  According to Investopedia  Millennials are better savers and investors and have embraced a more minimalistic attitude than the generations before them.  This generation is ok with small homes and less “things” and more willing to embrace adventure and experiences.

Millennials see possibility and ability in just about everything.  The world is more accessible and they have more access to information and opportunity than ever before.  They can evaluate how a coffee shop is being run in another country, find it’s success story and implement those strategies in their own entrepreneurial endeavors.  Business owners should want to embrace that culture in a heartbeat.

They will also know where to find the best coffee…anywhere.