I love abandoned places.  I am huge fan of the photographer, Matthew Christopher behind Abandoned America.  There are so many reason abandoned places are attractive and by his nearly 70,000 followers, I am not alone in my thoughts.

These buildings have history and stories, just like we do.  Though abandoned and thought to be of no use, someone is finding beauty in the rubble.

As Christmas approaches with 10 days of no school, you might want visit some locally abandoned places. It’s free and you can do it as a family!  You can also check out Abandoned Hudson Valley for a variety of super cool places.  Most of them are open, but it’s always wise to double check before embarking on your adventure.This may or may not have been a subtle hint about some places we will be photographing our teens in 2018!

I can’t wait to do this!!



Struck down

but not destroyed

2 corin 4:9