Everyone has a story and I have found in my travels, many women refuse to be photographed.  I want to change that.

  • Too old
  •  Too heavy
  • Just photograph the kids
  • Too many wrinkles
  • Too awkward
  • You name it, I have heard it.  Everyone woman has a legacy to leave.  We all choose what legacy that is.  I want to photograph you and give you the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself.

Please read Coleen’s story in her own words and be inspired and then be photographed.

Coleen is the owner of The BodyFixx Gym in Middleburgh NY.

Hair and Make up by : Upstate Roots Salon

email me for your legacy portrait session and let us spoil you: amberjphoto@gmail.com

Coleen allowed me to photograph her as we transformed her from fitness instructor to wonder woman ( well she already is wonder woman!)

A piece of advice you would give your younger self:
Coleen: That if you are not happy with the person you are, you have the power to change yourself into whomever you want to be. When I was young, I remember thinking that other people were born lucky, or born beautiful, or were born great athletes, or super intelligent.  I never realized that I could be all of these things and more. I started thinking that maybe they weren’t necessarily born that way, but maybe they worked their asses off to get that way, and then if they could do that, then I certainly could do that. Once I realized that, it changed my thought process es forever because it meant, literally anything was possible from that moment on.

What was your biggest challenge in life and how did you work through it?
Coleen:  Last summer I had just opened my Gym. About 2  months later I had gotten into an accident that left me with injuries that made it difficult for me to continue to work my business. In the midst of that, I went through a heart breaking ending of a relationship and had to move. I was out of work for more that 3 months. It was such a difficult time, physically, mentally and emotionally. I remember being so frustrated. I could work out, I was losing my muscle mass, putting on weight, becoming depressed. When I had enough, I started working out again, and had to leave the floor, crying, after 5 minutes. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided the next day I would work out for 6 minutes, no matter how much it hurt. The next day 7 minutes, etc. It took me months to get back to where I was, but it taught me so much. The financial and mental side were much more difficult. I had to move in with friends, while I healed and looked for a  new place to live. My girls at the gym set up a Go Fund Me page to help keep the gym open while I couldn’t work. My friends humbled me so much. I realized how unbelievably blessed I was to have my friends and my family by my side.

What is your definition of a strong woman?
Coleen: Someone who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
        Someone who is not afraid of hard work.
        Someone who, no matter what deck of cards life hands her, tries not to complain, but counts her blessings, rolls up her sleeves and handles it with Grace and dignity, even if it means she breaks down every now and again.
        I think the strongest Women raise their children to be better human beings than she is, so generations to come will make the world a better place.
        I think that a lot of people mistake kindness and patience for weakness, when sometimes it takes 100 times more strength to have faith, think positively and quietly carry on.


What are your thoughts and ideas about the photo shoot and why women should be photographed.
Coleen: I think women, by nature, are care givers. We are programmed to put ourselves last. We take care of everyone and everything else before ourselves. In my line of business, I am most often in workout clothes, my hair a mess, covered in sweat, I am overtired and probably not smelling of roses, sometimes, lol!  When Amber first approached me with this idea, I was nervous, and felt a little outside of my comfort zone. I was also a little excited. I had my hair and make up done, dressed up in a lovely outfit and my pictures were taken. The process was priceless. I remember turning to her and half jokingly, but with tears in my eyes, said that I felt like a princess. She hugged me and we both laughed, but she understood. I wasn’t that sweat covered, empty nest, 50 year old single woman struggling to run a business, for a brief moment, I was a Princess!  Hahahaha! It made me feel good about myself and remember a part of myself that I had forgotten.  I must say when I look up at my wall and see my picture, it does bring a smile to my face. I highly recommend that Women go out and find that side of themselves that sometimes gets buried. That we are all beautiful in our own ways, and Amber helps us to remember that.