When a soul is set on fire, no one can withstand it’s blaze.  Dreams burn hot and imagination is born wild.

And inside the heart there is a world that is only explored by the most brave.

Because when she realizes she can strike the match with in her…

Everything and everyone is at risk

and what begins as a flicker in her dreams

starts to set her world on fire

there is no fear where her heart burns with fury and passion

and no one will tell her otherwise.

It is not magic, but a soul on fire

It’s not a show to be featured, it’s a heart exploding

And when the fire dies down, the world is left to burn

and nothing will slow this heart down.

She may love you, she may burn you, but her soul is worth the chance.

THEMED SHOOT: Our themed shoots are designed for imagination.  They are a derived from portrait work and explore the imagination and the ability to create something far from normal.  They are for adventure seekers and those looking for an alternative way to be photographed.

Hair and make up by : Upstate Roots Salon

Information: amberjphoto@gmail.com