I have been hanging on to this project for some time and today as the clouds gently cover the sky, it seemed like the perfect morning to release this heartfelt project in hopes that more moms of boys will realize how AMAZING it is!  (Yes moms of girls, love that too!) However, this series celebrates motherhood with a brood of boys.  It’s a bond unlike any other and it’s so sweet to be able to capture this.

Our style is a mix between fine art and mom snuggles 🙂  Please enjoy Amanda her boys and enjoy the insight Amanda shares from her heart with the insecurities that plague every super mom, whether we admit it or not. ENJOY!

Because the best moms also have insecurity. Amanda’s insight on some hesitancies she had as a new mom: “I feel like the moment I found out we were pregnant with our first, Parker I was full with so many questions: {Would he be healthy? Would I carry him to full term? Will he have a learning disability? Would he get along well with others?} Then I met him in a fast and furious delivery my water broke at 9am and he was in my arms at 9:18am. Instant love! But still more questions filled my head: {Is he getting enough of my milk? Will he ever sleep? Will I ever sleep? How are we going to do this? Why is he crying?} I’ve always been really good with children, especially babies but this one was mine. I was so unsure of everything I was doing. Even with the loving support of my husband, family and friends I was insecure. Each day got better and better and I realized that “hey I’ve got this!” He wasn’t going to break!”

{Yes we see you with your tongue out…but that’s just authenticity right here!}

“Fast forward three years. And we now had three boys three and under. I felt like a professional parent at this point. It was pure chaos and there were times when I didn’t know if I was coming or going! I knew I had this baby thing under control but now all the other questions started popping up. {What about nursery school? and oh gosh it seems like our big guy isn’t talking like the rest of the three year olds I know. Should we talk to our pediatrician? Which speech therapist is the best? Do we need the best?} I kept doing what we felt best for our boys. If they were happy then that was what mattered.”

“I started to trust my “mom gut” ya know that little feeling inside of you that goes off when something just doesn’t seem right. Sometimes it’s when you decide to leave a playground when someone comes that seems unsafe. Or when professionals say {he’s doing just fine just learning at a slower rate than his classmates} you learn to push for that extra testing that might give insight that he may need more help, or the fact that a mark on your baby’s neck looks strange and you call the doc and within two weeks your little angel is in the hands of a surgeon removing a small tumor from his body. It’s learning to trust your gut.”

I still ask questions all the time! I still wonder if our boys are getting the most from me? Should I be advocating more for them? Do they really need to play that extras travel sport? Is he getting the best supports at school? Is he making the best decisions?


At the the end of the day no matter how many questions I have about how good of a mom I am. Those three little boys arms wrapped around my neck give me my answer! And of course all the support from Popp and our family and friends.

At the end of the day I am more than excited that Amanda was willing to share her heart about being a mom.  I believe these are questions and concerns every mom has as they look at the lives they are in charge of it.  It’s a beautiful and terrifying journey and I am excited to share this volume with you!  Thank you to this AMAZING mama!

If you are interested in a mom with boys session: please email us here: info@ajpstudios.com  We would be very excited to do this with you!