Summer, Summer, Summer time.  Give me a moment to celebrate who I am.  Give me a time to feel beautiful and glamorous and time to be excited to get back into me sneakers and sweat pants.  Give me moments to let my hair blow in the wind and let me laugh with my friends.  Give me a time to put on some amazing lip gloss and a time to realize I am still just fine with out it.  Give me a time to embrace my friends and be ok being alone.  Let the future unfold before me and let me cherish my memories.

Featuring our amazing teens that rep for our studio:

Allie, Brooke, Blakely, Makayla, Adrionna, Gianna, Emily Kenyon, Emily Norton, Taylor and Izzy.

Thanks to these amazing hair and make up people for their talents:

Color Me Gorgeous – Rachel Duncan

Liz Duclos Make Up

Twisted Sister Salon – Candace Rudd

Upstate Roots Salon – Glory Dufek

Jessica Lynne Hair and Make Up – Jessica Preston

Flecia Zahara

Cars courtesy of our very own Jig Drinon



If you don’t what to dream of, let me share some of my own and together we can create whatever we want.

Behind every beautiful face is a soul that is even more beautiful and waiting to shine, but on those who search for it will see it. 

Because summer fades and we always can have this moment to hold on to.

If I am strong, it’s only because I make myself some strong but inside that strength there is wanderlust and hopes and dreams. 

I won’t give up on anything I have dreamed of, but I will make sure I take care of those I love along the way.

This dream I have conquers all, but if you aren’t here with me than I have conquered nothing.

Inside of me there is much more to see, I’ll share it but only to those who cherish the heart of people.

It’s only a matter of time before I show the world who I am, but I’ll show you with or without limitations of time. 

My smile is free, my heart is not.  Everything that lies before me is a choice of what I choose and what life offers. But, I will smile. 

I will look back and see all that I have done and I will look ahead to see all that I want to do. 

Create memories with me and we can laugh at our youth and cherish are time. 

There is so much to do, there is so much to see and I can’t wait to leave my legacy on a world that was different before and after there was me. 

I won’t give in to others expectations, for my expectations far exceed external ones you have to offer. 

Even if we fail, we can succeed.  Let’s just glam ourselves up, throw on some lipstick and tell each other we are amazing!

Come with me, fly with me, walk with me, just be with me.