The Romans marked the occasion over two millennia ago with the Floralia, or Festival of Flora, a five-day ceremony to honour the Roman goddess of flowers. Flora was regarded as one of the most ancient goddesses of Roman religion.  So as we beg for spring to come we made our spring this week at our Festival of Floral themed model shoot at M&D Farm located in Westerlo.  Our studios contract regular girls to produce amazing images and an experience unlike any other.

Spring, on a private farm in upstate New York finally came thanks to our amazing models and vendors!

The gift of hair and make up was produced by:

Model Emma’s look: Hair Julie Potter Master Stylist, Make up Color Me Gorgeous

Model Lily’s look: Hair Bourbon and Lace, Make up Sierra Devlin

Model Soleil’s look: Hair Bourbon and Lace, Make up Bailee Besso

Model Adrionna’s look: hair and make up: Sierra Devlin

Model Makayla’s look: hair Julie Potter Master Stylist, Make up Color Me Gorgeous

Model Ashley’s look: hair and make up by Color Me Gorgeous

Model Amelia’s look: hair Bourbon and Lace, make up Bailee Besso

Model Lillian’s look: hair Julie Potter Master Hair Stylist, make up Bailee Besso


The ajp models are wearing: elegant gowns by Ferri Formals

Featured bouquet by: Samantha Nass


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Thank you to Mario and Daniel for their venue.

Thank you to Mandi Simeon for her behind the scenes images and her detail images featured here.

Always a huge thank you to my photographer Shelly (@ajpteensbyshelly) for helping pull this off with her wonderful creativity.


For now, please enjoy our visual story telling masterpiece.

Spring on the farm is just awakening.  The buds are just starting to appear and the hopes that winter will finally release it’s grip.  In Roman culture the floral goddesses were called up on to bring in May and enchant the flowers to bloom.

As the floral goddesses emerge, they bring about power and beauty to wish winter a solid farewell.

Our floral goddesses Soleil, Makayla, Emma and Lily appear with all the beauty life has to offer.

Amelia, Ashley, Lillian and Adrionna find hopes of spring throughout the farm.

Featuring Makayla


featuring Ashley

featuring Lily

Featuring Soleil

Featuring Amelia

Featuring Adrionna

Featuring Emma  

Featuring Lillian

In the end, the floral goddesses’ enchantment won and spring was granted access and winter met it’s demise.

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