We are officially ready.  Ready for ANYTHING!  Our boutique tanks are rolling in and rolling out just as fast!  Our AJP TEENS models were in the studio to pull together one of the latest trends happening with tank tops and tutus.   The words we chose to kick off our line have already rocked the creative world and we are super excited to share them with you! Every time someone buys one of our tanks we welcome them into our studio for a complimentary headshot IN the tank. Why? Because you will look so good!!!

We chose strong because it has so many various meanings to everyone.  Strength is found in a million places.  Enchanting, because people are enchanting, shrouded in mystery and hopes and dreams.  Inspiring because all have the ability to be inspired and inspire others.  Wonderlust, a play on words and the desire to fill everyone with wonder.  It’s also the name of our premiere magazine!

If you ever think you might want to get in front of our camera’s, we would love to show you the experience of a life time. Inquire about our teen portrait sessions or senior portrait sessions by emailing info@ajpstudios.com

So enjoy our beautiful girls as this team seriously makes my heart happy.

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If you like our tanks enough… you can find them here and order!