YESSSSS! You give me 12 amazing girls and I am going give you one heck of a year to watch this girls in action.  We had our introductory head shot and model shoot where our girls wore TUTUS designed by Caitlyn’s Fufu’s Tutus out of Poughkeepsie!  Our tank tops are our new studio brand {You will see more soon!} Designer tanks can be ordered here:

The initial headshots are up and here are the preliminary photos of our fine art pieces.  You can see some behind the scenes images here:  and you can even enter a contest to model for us here!  (TONS OF PRIZES FOR OUR WINNERS!)

For now, please enjoy our intros, you will be seeing a lot of these lovely faces!!!  I am so excited!  Thank you Brooke, Gianna, Izzy, Amelia, Allie, Adrionna, Lexi, Taylor, Blakely, Emily, Emily and Makayla!  This is going to be so fun!