Beauty is action.  You can disagree with me, but you won’t want to.    These amazing girls had the opportunity to get together, laugh, pose in tutus and tank tops, eat cupcakes and spend time enjoy a model shoot with our studios.  We loved this time with them.

AJP TEENS showcased designer tutus by Caitlyn’s Fufu Tutus and our locally designed racer back tank tops.  We are defining beauty  in four words…for now.





expert fluffer… again!

Shelly has such a nice shoulder when she’s shooting 🙂

Seriously, if you ever need a fluffer!

I think they are all thinking about how great they look in those tutus right now… 🙂

armpit pose.

shelly fluffing… she’s good at it too.

They conjure up feelings, ideas and memories.  You will see that our AJP TEENS are your hometown girls willing to make an impact.  They are strong, they are enchanting, they will inspire you and they will fill you with wonderlust.

If you are  reading this, you have entered our new site.  AJP STUDIOS.  Specializing in showing teen girls how amazing they truly are. ( and fluffing tutus). Thank you for visiting, we hope to connect with you again soon!

Of course, if you don’t want your picture taken and you just want a tutu… we can make that happen too!


amber and shelly.