Ok, so when the movie came out called The Duff it was an immediate hit for several reason.  In case you never saw it, the story entails the tumultuous lives  of three high school girls.  Two of those girls are the notable beauty queens and the third; though loved by her friends was the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend”.   She was called The Duff.

I realized, just about everyone feels like The Duff at one time or another.  There is that moment when comparison rears it’s ugly head.  It’s dumb, you think, but it’s very real and crippling.  Your hair isn’t long enough, you weigh 15 pounds more than your best friend, you have less than 1k followers on instagram and somehow when you smile you look weird.

Self consumerism is erasing natural beauty.

It breaks my heart when women refuse to be in front of the camera or young girls are in front of the camera too much for all the wrong reasons.

 Self validation is an evil tight rope.  I know many people won’t believe me,

but EVERYONE feels like The Duff at times.  You may laugh at me, but it’s true.

You are you.

If you, yes you, would pick your head up and go around and throw compliments and kindness out there, you become more beautiful.  How does that work? Because confidence is this weird entity that shines through.  It’s not brash and obnoxious, it’s calm and influential.

Confidence doesn’t seek to get attention, it seeks to give it. 



The more you pour into others with no intention of getting anything back, the more you end up getting back. Weird isn’t?

I say all that to say this.  I don’t care what you think about your hair or your body or your nose.  YOU are YOU and so worthy of so much more than comparison. We are only the DUFF if we allow ourselves to be it.

I was not the most beautiful of my friends in high school or college, many times I felt that inferiority and it was suffocating.  I was made for more than comparison.  So are you.

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