Looking back, if I had to start all over again, I probably wouldn’t.   Isn’t that crazy?  However ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

5 Things I Wish I knew (or maybe the post should be, “5 Things I am thankful I didn’t know”

  1. Marketing trumps photography. The average facebook peruser can barely tell between a technically awesome portrait and their best friends snapshot. (Swallow pride, bite off reality.)
  2. The art of comparison is cruel. For a long time I looked at other photographers and tried to best them or be them or compare to them.  What a waste of time. I am me, I am good and it’s a lesson I would learn a hundred times over. 
  3. The hours of learning and cultivating this art form would be insane.  The hundreds of hours I would invest in learning would be equivalent to semesters at college.
  4. People are tough. People are also amazing. Learning from both would be the biggest challenge.
  5. There is nothing more rewarding that creating, collaborating and producing your heart in the form of photographs.  There is nothing better than pulling dreams into reality and reshaping people’s views of themselves.  There is nothing greater than the friendships, love and self education I have received because of this journey.